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Detect Knowledge At Your Glance

Let AI take care of all your information gathering. All the resources you use for your intellectual labor will be taken care of by a hyper-personalized AI.


Far Better Than Search Engines

DeepSignal’s mission is to change the paradigm of conventional search engines. By creating an AI that learns through user’s search activity, we guarantee you useful new information from the web. Plus, DeepSignal can scan web pages that are not reachable by the conventional search engine using Deep Web scraper. With this extensive coverage, we enrich your search result to be

  • Publication from reputable organizations.
  • Information according to individual preference based on DeepSignal’s AI.
  • Deep web content that requires your user credentials for access.

Results will be analyzed, and key findings highlighted to allow you to focus your attention on the important tasks.

Offload Your Intellectual Labor

Always In The Know

As a highly skilled knowledge worker, spending time doing intellectual labor reduces your output, and gathering information through search engines is one of the. Unlike current search engines, DeepSignal does not leave you to decide what’s important for you. It will train your AI to identify your topic of interest and keep you up to date with all types of resources. You will be the first in the know to emerging topics and potential risks without you having to be on the watch.


Ai That Learns Like You

The connectome is a graph used to illustrate how the brain’s nervous system interacts with itself and the human body. It allows the viewer to clearly follow how each part connects to others and the role each nerve plays in overall bodily function. This has been the missing piece in AI for so long, the ability the human brain has to link knowledge and understand it within the bigger picture.

We gave DeepSignal the ability to create and map its own connectomes so it can learn faster and adapt to your behavior through imitating our brain’s behavior. DeepSignal can display all of its knowledge in connectomes and link information that other AI technology cannot. This gives DeepSignal the ability to comprehend like a human and makes connections that other AI would miss. Not only that, but it applies its understanding of you and your needs to all the tasks it undertakes.



It didn’t sit right with us that search engines and data processes would create one algorithm that would be suitable for billions of users. A user that wanted to examine academic sources to write a research paper would require different search results than someone wanting a layman’s guide. Similarly, a stock trader may need concrete data and figures to inform their traders. Their idea of a credible source may be different from someone producing content on the same topic.

In addition to searching the surface web (the 4% of the internet that is not hidden behind logins or paywalls), DeepSignal will access the deep web to deliver results. It will access websites that you are subscribed to or that you hold credentials for, in addition to social media and forums.

Remove Language Barriers

Multilingual Information Summary

Access and add to industry knowledge without the confines of your language skills. All of DeepSignal’s functions can be used regardless of the language. Use AI technology to:

  • Search information in different languages
  • Compile useful articles and source materials regardless of language
  • Present data in a way that is easy for you to understand based on your language skills and personal preferences

Don’t let your language skills limit you from reaching the top of your field.


User Testimonies

AI that behaves and learns just like a human sound a little too good to be true? Read what our clients have to say about using DeepSignal.

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